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An AI and Machine Learning Programmer is a specialized software developer who focuses on designing, implementing, and optimizing algorithms and systems related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This position combines expertise in programming languages with a deep understanding of AI and ML concepts

Requirements :

  • Develop AI algorithms for citizen-like behaviour in AI agents
  • Implement pathfinding, decision-making, and interactive behaviours
  • Collaborate with the 3D modeling team to ensure AI behaviors are well integrated with character animations
  • Work under the guidance of the technical lead to align AI functionalities with project objectives


Qualifications :
  • Proficient in Python, C++, or other relevant programming languages
  • Solid understanding of AI and machine learning principles
  • Experience with Unreal Engine’s AI tools like AI Controller and Behaviour Trees

To apply for this job please visit minisite.hunteredge.me.