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Senior AI Engineer

We invite inspired AI Senior Engineers to join our AI team. The team is responsible for
investigating and developing AI-enabled technologies to solve real-world business problems. We
target the development of advanced technologies such as Digital Twins, Active Multilingual Voice
Chatbots, Arabic Semantic Search, Arabic Stance and Sentiment Analysis, AI-based Risk
Realtime Monitoring, Smart Contracts, etc. We exploit capabilities of various AI paradigms, e.g.,
Arabic NLP, Computer Vision, Re-enforcement Learning, Multi-modal Machine/Deep Learning,
Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms, Probabilistic Reasoning, etc.

Job Description
You will be leading team(s) primarily responsible for using various AI techniques and algorithms
to build, test, and deploy AI models. Specific duties include:
• Coordinating with other team leads.
• Investigating and explaining the applicability and usefulness of AI models to certain business
use cases.
• Prototyping and demonstrating AI-enabled products and tools for customers
• Participates in AI R&D activities including building prototypes and minimum viable products
• Leading team(s) to:
o Build viable AI models
o Transform AI models into APIs that other applications can interact with
o Create and manage overall infrastructure of AI products
o Build reusable and scalable intelligent solutions for use across customer bases
o Develop a Go-To-Market AI tools and technologies for customers
o Generate training datasets, conduct data labelling, and train models.

• 7 – 8 years of experience in software development.
• 3 – 4 years of experience in AI and ML specifically.
• Experience in leading teams (excellent leadership skills.)
• Strong Hands-on experience in Programming (daily job).
• Strong experience in Python specifically and the state-of-the-art AI/ML Python Packages.
• Good exposure to front-end tools.
• The candidate must have a rigorous, analytical, and creative mind.
• S/he needs to be reactive and have a team spirit
• Patient and hard worker.
• Fluent English speaker.

To apply for this job please visit minisite.hunteredge.me.