Searching for technology solutions sales representative!

We would love to have you join to the salesforce. The technology solutions
sales rep is responsible for providing technological solutions for customer
issues and instructing these customers on the proper digital and physical
technology to assist them and solve their issues.

As a technology solutions sales rep, your job will include reviewing the
needs of clients and presenting them with solutions to their problems,
providing relevant quotes to clients, demonstrating products when
needed, and negotiating prices on bids.
The ideal candidate should have experience in the sales and technology
fields and should have proven success negotiating deals and sales with
previous customers or clients.

As a technology sales rep, you must have a good understanding of the
technology which you will be selling. Our company will offer training on
this aspect if required, so having experience in sales and customer
relations are the most important skills.

Typical duties and responsibilities
• Assess businesses needs and promote suitable high-tech solutions.
• Meet with decision-makers and Business owners and provide
information about our software products or marketing solutions.
• Perform product demonstrations and training as needed.
• Negotiate sales prices.
• Construct pitches and sales presentations

Education and experience

An associate or bachelor’s degree is usually required for this position. we
prefer that candidates took coursework in business technology,
information technology, management, communications, marketing, sales,
or related topics.

Required skills and qualifications
• Written and verbal communication skills, including relationshipbuilding and influencing.
• Familiar dealing with Apps, smartphones and Tablets.
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite or similar software,
including spreadsheets and databases.
• Negotiation skills.
• Strong sense of organization and time management.

Preferred qualifications
• Extensive experience in sales and technology.
• 1+ years of sales experience.
• Great interpersonal skills.

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