• Internship
  • Remote
An Unreal Engine Specialist is a professional with expertise in utilizing the Unreal Engine, a robust and widely used game development engine created by Epic Games. This position involves in-depth knowledge and skills in working with Unreal Engine to design, develop, and optimize various digital experiences, including video games, virtual reality (VR) applications, architectural visualization, and simulations .
Requirements :
  • Oversee the integration of 3D models and AI programming into the Unreal Engine
  • Develop and manage the virtual environment, including lighting, texturing, and physics
  • Utilize Unreal Engine’s blueprint scripting and C++ programming for advanced functionalities
  • Support the technical lead in maintaining the overall vision and technical quality of the project

  • Experienced with Unreal Engine, including both blueprint scripting and C++ programming
  • Knowledge of game engine physics, lighting, and material setup
  • Ability to troubleshoot and optimize performance within the Unreal Engine environment

To apply for this job please visit minisite.hunteredge.me.