Welcome to Sigma Labs Internship Program, a program dedicated to paving the way for emerging talents to embark on promising careers. Our Internship program is designed to invest in the professional development of fresh graduates and juniors from East Jerusalem who possess technical backgrounds. We aim to integrate these talents into the dynamic world of hi-tech start-ups and companies.


Hi-tech companies often seek developers with practical experience, hesitating to invest in recent graduates who may lack technical and soft skills. Therefore, the Internship Program aims to bridge this gap by providing fresh graduates with the necessary skills through hands-on experiences in real-world opportunities. This approach equips them with practical knowledge, ensuring a smoother transition into full-time employment opportunities.


Our Internship Program enables interns to work with multinational Tech companies for up to 6 months. During the internship, our interns receive enhancement in technical, practical and soft skills empowering them to thrive in a competitive business environment.

Additionally, our program provides valuable service to hi-tech companies seeking talented individuals. This facilitates an understanding of the skills and culture of East Jerusalem candidates through our free services.

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