This java fundamentals course for Hi-Tech Graduates in Jerusalem by Sigma Labs JRS, is a course designed as a preparatory study for the JAVA software developer program. Prepare to transform your career with the potential of a JAVA software developer. Java development is one of the top in-demand jobs in a growing profession. Today’s java development is used in different areas like telecommunication, e-commerce, finance, marketing, etc.

Each module includes original knowledge and a home task for evaluation.

Skills and Competencies: Learn how to run your first program. Acknowledge many fundamental aspects of java development. Hands-on, experience with basic java language syntax. Learning java development tools.

The trainer will show you practical lessons for all lessons.


The course was designed for career starters and career switchers. 

We expect to work with Tech graduates and bachelors of non-technical specialties as potential students for the program.

Time Commitment

The time you need to allocate really depends on your knowledge level and can vary a lot. We did a very rough estimation for a career starter with a minimum knowledge level, and the minimum required time to work with the provided trainer content and additional is about 120 hours. 

So, you can complete this course in two and half months if you can commit to studying at least 15 hours each week. 

However, this course is flexible, and you can study at your own pace and spend more or less time depending on your progress. Nevertheless, finishing by a particular date might be required if you want to match the application date for the main track.