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A growing startup that develops cutting edge deep-learning technologies and solutions for new monitoring generation is looking for a backend developer intern to join their team!

The startup is a unified, intelligent, and automated AI chatbot that helps DevOps and engineering teams to detect and solve issues accurately using Generative AI. They offer DevOps teams chatbot Automation to deliver real-time, actionable operations insight across all cloud assets. They are looking for a Backend developer intern who is passionate about data science, working with the LLM and cutting-edge technologies. An out-of-box thinker who is motivated by hard challenges. You are a bar raiser with a can-do attitude and great interpersonal skills.
What you will need:
• B.Sc in Computer Science or equivalent.
• Experience in Python, especially working with APIs.
• Experience in the AWS ecosystem (in particular Lambda functions).
• Experience in databases (SQL and NoSQL).
• Be familiar with RAG (retrieval-augmented generation) and prompt engineering.
• Be familiar with Python code good style (PEP8).
• Have ready projects in your Git repository.
 • experience with LangChain library.
• experience with task manager software (Asana, Jira or similar).


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