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May 22nd 2024 //

SFL Sigma Labs Jerusalem held a Hi-Tech Meetup and graduation ceremony on Monday May 6th, 2024 at the Ambassador hotel in East Jerusalem. The Hi-Tech Meetup celebrated the graduation of 50 trainees in different technical employment tracks including Cloud Computing, Software Testing and Women Digital Entrepreneurship Program. 


SFL Sigma Labs Managing Director, Eng. Rajai Nuseibeh stated that the project aims to

gradually integrate Jerusalem’s hi-tech graduates into both local and global tech job markets. He further explained that this goal will be achieved through enhancing the skills and capabilities of Jerusalemite students and graduates in technological fields, as well as by supporting entrepreneurs and startups in Jerusalem.

Eng. Nuseibeh added that the Sigma Labs Jerusalem project focuses on merging hands-on training along with technical upskilling by relying on the news techniques and demanded skills in the hi-tech field. He also declared that Sigma Labs prioritizes  providing empowerment opportunities, especially for female entrepreneurs and university graduates participating in the program, to facilitate the obstacles facing women in the Jerusalem community in the hi-tech sector, especially with the availability of remote work features.

Entrepreneur Dan Olfosn, the founder of Danir Group, under which the Star for Life foundation operates, affirmed that he aims to improve the quality of life across East Jerusalem through education, job creation, and hi-tech initiatives. Mr. Olfson added that over the past 25 years, Star for Life has engaged with more than 500 thousand youth in its programs worldwide, spanning Sweden, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Ukraine, and Jerusalem. Olfson emphasized his commitment to achieving similar goals in the holy city to foster sustainable economic empowerment.

Dr. Reda Mansour, CEO of Star For Life Jerusalem, emphasized the role of Star for Life in Jerusalem in achieving the foundation’s goals of developing various key sectors to promote economic empowerment. Mansour clarified that this is accomplished through Sigma Labs work to support the development of the hi-tech sector in Jerusalem, in addition to the other two projects specialized in education and job creation within the Star For Life foundation.

The meeting included a session led by Samer Mahamid, a Senior Research and Development Engineer at Microsoft, focusing on how new graduates are able to enter the hi-tech field. Mahamid shared his personal experience, which extends for over 16 years in this sector, highlighting key networking tips, job interviews, and resume building.

Sigma Labs Hi-Tech Meetup & Graduation Ceremony was attended by Sigma Labs graduates, along with its local and international partners. The project aims to strengthen its partnerships with organizations that share its vision and align with its operational mechanisms, striving to achieve economic development in Jerusalem through technology.

SFL Sigma Labs Jerusalem is a project by the Swedish Star For Life Foundation in Jerusalem.