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March 5th 2024 // Star for Life Sigma Labs Jerusalem held a graduation ceremony for more than 70 students who successfully completed Sigma Labs Technical Employment Tracks and became ready to join the Job Market. The event was held on Tuesday, March, 5th, 2024 at the Ambassador Hotel in East Jerusalem. Throughout the program, the graduates gained valuable knowledge and practical skills in different market demanded fields such as Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, Technical Project Management, and programming using Python and Java.


The graduation opened with a welcome note from SFL Sigma Labs Managing Director, Eng. Rajai Nuseibeh, who welcomed the graduates and congratulated them on their accomplishments and commitment, stressed that the organization will continue to support and provide opportunity to develop further the skills and capabilities of Jerusalem Hi-Tech Talent, he also added that Sigma Labs will continue supporting the graduates to further integrate them successfully into the local and international Hi-Tech Job Market. 

Nuseibeh added that the organization aims to support and develop the hi-tech ecosystem in Jerusalem by providing a model of practical and on-the-job training while fine-tuning the technical skills of job seekers, paid internship opportunities with local, regional, and international companies, in addition, and supporting Hi-Tech companies, entrepreneurs and startups through a tailored startup support program, allowing them to grow, create more opportunities and potential to play an important role in uprising the Jerusalem hi-tech ecosystem and economic empowerment for the community in the city.

Mohammed Bseleh, a software engineer who was part of the training & internship program with SFL Sigma Labs, mentioned that he had joined the technical training track with SFL Sigma Labs which helped him improve his skills and provided him with valuable practical experience. He added that he was lucky to land a paid six-month internship opportunity through Sigma Labs’ internship program in a hi-tech company. Bseleh highlighted that this internship opportunity allowed him to strengthen his abilities and practical knowledge, which led to the signing of a full-time employment contract with the same company after his internship ended..

Russailah Abd Ennabi, a graduate of the Digital Marketing Track, stated that the track helped her develop and market her business project. She learned how to identify the target audience and engage with it on social media, as well as how to use technical tools to enhance her website, playing a pivotal role in advancing her startup and improving her sales.

Abd Ennabi added that the Sigma Labs program provided her with the knowledge and tools through hands-on and practical training and working on real life projects, which was more effective when added to the theoretical knowledge she received during her academic study. She added this type of upskilling increases the opportunities of graduates to successfully land jobs in the international hi-tech market.

Dr. Reda Mansour, Star For Life Jerusalem’s CEO, highlighted the significance of Sigma Labs’ impact in developing the hi-tech sector in Jerusalem, he also pointed to Star For Life Jerusalem’s two other impactful projects in Education and Employment. He emphasized the role Star for Life plays in improving lives and livelihood in East Jerusalem. SFL Sigma Labs Jerusalem is a project by the Swedish Star For Life Foundation in Jerusalem.