In recent years, the demand for Python has grown dramatically, it has evolved from a little-known highly specialized language to one of the most popular and widespread in the world of information technology. 

You can write scripts in Python to automate routine tasks, web and desktop applications, games, and programs related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Python is a simple, straightforward, but at the same time incredibly powerful programming language. To create high-quality applications in Python, it is important to have a good understanding of its key concepts. 

During Sigma Labs Python course in Jerusalem, you will learn the basics of Python and lay a solid foundation for further use in real projects


The course is designed for those who are already familiar with the basics of programming and want to understand the features and capabilities of Python. The course is also suitable for those who already have little experience in developing or testing software products.

Time Commitment

The time you need to allocate really depends on your knowledge level and can vary a lot. So, you can complete this course in four months if you can commit to studying at least 10 hours each week. 

However, this course is flexible, and you can study at your own pace and spend more or less time depending on your progress. Nevertheless, finishing by a particular date might be required if you want to match the application date for the main track.

There will be one lesson per week. Each lesson will take 2.5 hours (including short breaks). After each lesson, there will be a either theoretical or practical homework tasks. Practical home tasks will be present for most of the lessons.

After each module, there will be Quiz with questions about past material. The effort in completing a Quiz is about 15 minutes but is depending on students’ knowledge level.