Sigma Labs Uncovered: Economic Empowerment through Innovation and Technology in Jerusalem

Discover Sigma Labs’ goals and services in East Jerusalem, committed to advancing the hi-tech landscape by empowering STEM graduates. Through a suite of programs including upskilling, talent acquisition, internships, and startup support, Sigma Labs propels the evolution of technology education. These services thrive through collaborative partnerships with local and international allies who align with Sigma’s […]

Sigma Labs 2023 Tech Conference – Jerusalem; Leading Jerusalem’s Hi-Tech ecosystem

Sigma Labs Tech Conference September 27, 2023: A Dynamic event celebrating Local and International High-Tech Partnerships. Our event featured insightful discussions on the high-tech industry, with speakers including Mr. Rajai M. Nuseibeh, Managing Director of Sigma Labs; Mr. Anan Qubti, CEO & COFounder of SynergyMed; Rana Qutineh Director of JEST Hub; and Mr. Haitham Tahboub […]